Sunday, October 28, 2007

Where is Sugar???

The Princess of Charm became alarmed when she couldn't find Sugar inside the girls bedroom where she left it. Worse, she claimed that it smells like poo which worried her more for her Persian cat may have been the culprit! After checking every nook and cranny and she still didn't find anything, Yayo advised her to ask the housemates if they've seen it come after her on the sala earlier. Before she stressed herself out though, Big Brother finally intervened by telling Megan to check the cabinets again. True enough, Sugar was hiding on Gab's stuff of all places!

Megan quickly admonished her pet since the owner of her hideout is asthmatic, all the while transferring Sugar to her own dresser. Not long after that, she asked Kuya's residents to bid her cat goodbye. Because even though she's really happy to have it with her, she knew that it would only be a nuisance to them particularly those who are allergic to furs. With that, Victor told Sugar that her adorable presence made them happy even for a short while (as if he's really talking to a person). What's more, he asked it to say hello to Megan's sister for him!



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