Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's the end of the line for Megan

It's been a punishment week for the housemates for all of them committed a violation one way or the other. Kuya showered them with personal tasks left and right. And aside from the hardships they also lost their weekly task this afternoon. Will the housemates' luck pick-up in the coming weeks?

The moment Ethel, Ruben and Megan dread arrives with Toni asking each of the nominees why they should remain and extend their stay. Ethel gave a loud laugh for she is actually longing to see the outside world. "Parang baliktad ata!" she exclaimed and just thanked her supporters. Megan goes next and she shares that being a housemate is one big journey for her and she feels she has still a lot to accomplish inside. Ruben on the other hand tells everyone that everyone will miss the Probinsyanong Promdi if ever he gets the boot.

Toni then lets Ruben of the hook and frees him of his black medallion. Relief flooded the comedian's face while the two ladies remain in the hot seat. Ethel's looks of anticipation to see her 'baby' was erased when Toni announced Megan as this season's third evictee. Megan tearfully hugged everyone good-bye and made her way to the eviction hall to meet Toni. After getting a warm welcome hug from her mom, Megan proceeded to leave her footprints in the Celebrity Walk of Fame.

Ruben accumulated a total of 54.76% of tonights votes while Ethel received 23.72%. Megan was actually hot on her heels with 21.52% of the votes.



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