Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Megan and Mariel Do The Sudoku

Is this a night of reliving some of the memorable happenings in PBB Season 2? Not really. It just happens that Megan's background and traits are somehow similar to the much-loved Cheering Chick. Both are mainstays in the nomination block, they are not used to doing chores and they both have a penchant for sudoku puzzles. Perhaps that's why Kuya also made her wash a giant PBB shirt few days ago to expand her experience in life just like Gee-Ann.

This time, Big Brother had something different in store for the Princess of Charm. He gave her a mentally-stimulating task to accomplish this afternoon. Instead of the usual Sudoku booklet, she was given an illustration board where a 9x9 partially completed grid was drawn. But instead of numbers, pictures of her loved ones, friends and crushes were used in this game. The objective is to fill the rows and columns using the given photos just once.

With the help of Mariel who got a crash course on Sudoku, Megan was trying to finish it since this late afternoon. But they were distracted by witty conversations and of course the various challenges for the day. Many times she had to start from scratch, which happens to be her technique before she can actually complete everything, she confided to Victor. But it simply wasn't working this time, she added.

After eight hours or so, she and Mariel finally made it! They pointed out that all they had to do was take a break from the strenuous activity. Guessing a bit also helped, Megan cheerfully uttered.

In the meantime, 2-in-1 housemate Barron and Donnie are currently making up for the former's violation yesterday. The Wild Child continued to sleep on the bedroom long after the wake up call was sounded.As their punishment, Baron has to sleep on a hard bench with Donni fanning him like a slave the whole night! In addition to that, the Good Brother has to carry him on his back whenever they have to move around. Let's hope the two won't get eaten up by the mosquitoes outside.



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