Monday, March 24, 2008

Megan Young is ready for grown-up roles

Megan Young is through with teenybopper roles. But while she’s open to kissing scenes, Megan insists she’s not ready for steamy love scenes. This much she can say now that she turned 18 — sans the usual fanfare expected of celebrities like her.

“I never wanted a big debut,” Megan relates. Even if her family can afford it (her American dad works in Virginia), the 5’8”-tall Megan prefers a quiet dinner with family and close friends way back in high school over a lavish coming-out party.

A big party calls for a lot of preparation, and she’d rather focus on something else, like her career. Even in her choice of clothes, Megan would rather dress down than dress up. She’s happiest in her favorite jeans and T-shirt.

If Megan speaks her mind more these days, it’s because at 18, she has become her own woman.

“I’ve grown more mature, more independent, more self-assured,” the Star Magic talent smiles.

This means that while she can appear sweet and innocent on Abt ur Luv, Megan is open to heavier roles like the one she auditioned for on Palos (it went to Bangs Garcia).

“If the role is not for me, so be it,” she muses. “I’m happy for Bangs.”

ABS-CBN, after all, is giving her everything she needs to become a future lead star. She’s taking up singing and dancing workshops. The Star network chose her to be Piolo Pascual’s leading lady in his MTV.

“I felt nervous, especially in the scene where we were waltzing because Piolo is my crush,” Megan blushes.

She felt more at ease when the network paired her off with Enchong Dee on Astigs.

“That’s why I have no reason to regret my decision to move from GMA 7 to ABS,” relates Megan. Back then, her contract with GMA has expired, and she didn’t have shows. So Megan decided to hop over the other side of the fence.

And while she leaves it up to ABS to pick shows for her, it won’t hurt for Megan should the network cast her in roles that made the likes of Natalie Portman famous in Closer.

“That’s my favorite movie,” she explains.

Does that mean Megan is willing to shed her goody-goody image to play a stripper and have love scenes the way Natalie did in the movie?

“Not until I reach my 20s,” the Fil-Am teenager replies.

Meantime, she’d rather wait quietly in the wings for that one big role that will be the turning point of her career.

Patience, after all, is a virtue.



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